Peregrine Security

Updated: 02/22/2024

Making Peregrine work within your system

Make sure your systems can make a handshake with the Peregrine Account Portal: The Portal is accessed via HTTPS (TCP port 443). To ensure uninterrupted service with Peregrine, we recommend allowing the base URL,

  1.  The Peregrine desktop application uses the portal for three actions which it does via HTTPS:
    a. Activate the installation key at initial setup via a POST request to: ""
    b. Check install key validity on application launch via GET request to ""
    c. Sends metrics used in the portal to the license server via POST request to ""
  2. Customers may also browse directly to for creating accounts, adding seats to accounts, and submitting bug reports.

Remember to Use API Best Practices

  1. Zero Trust Principle of least privilege - grant API client only the scope needed to accomplish the task.
  2. Ensure each user has their own API key so actions taken can be tied to the user, and limited to their privileges.
  3. Log and monitor API usage for misuse - Remember that the CrowdStrike console has API logs you can reference. Everything you need to know about CrowdStrike's API
  4. API keys should not be stored in clear text. (Peregrine's configuration stores API keys encrypted.)

How we secure your data

With each new update to Peregrine, we work to make our program more secure for you. Below are a few ways we are keeping Peregrine secure for you: 

  • Peregrine encrypts the API secret key that is only stored on your system.
  • Your API secret Keys are never stored on our servers.
  • All communication to CrowdStrike console from Peregrine is encrypted
  • MindPoint Group has conducted Red Team Penetration Testing against our release candidates to ensure application security.

We also have a roadmap of user requested security updates we are discussing and hoping to roll out as time and development permits. Please join our Discord channel to add your requests/recommendations to the discussion.

Windows OS Information

MindPoint Group has signed the Windows version of Peregrine with an Extended Validation (EV) code-signing certificate. Our EV code-signing certificate is issued by a trusted root Certificate Authority (CA).

MacOS Information

We are currently working on getting an Apple-issued code signed certificate. In the meantime, you can install the binary provided on our download page although MacOS will issue a warning indicating that the file is from an untrusted source and ask for confirmation. To that end, you can validate the package with the checksum on the file.

Confirm the Peregrine Download
To confirm the program file you have downloaded from us matches the latest MindPoint Group Peregrine build, you will find the cryptographic sha256 hash on our download page.

Learn more about cryptographic Hash checks and how to conduct them: Cryptographic Hash Check Guide

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