Peregrine: Unlock the power of CrowdStrike Falcon

Manage multiple hosts with batch analysis, containment, and remediation.

Peregrine enables you to run PowerScripts in batches to gather information, research alerts, contain multiple compromised systems, and remediate vulnerabilities across multiple endpoints throughout your networks.

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No longer be outnumbered by systems.

From SOC analysts to threat hunters to incident responders, Peregrine provides the power to utilize the CrowdStrike API to manage every day tasks at scale, securing systems with greater flexibility and capacity.

Maximize RTR and Remediation

Maximize Real Time Response (RTR) with CrowdStrike Falcon's API through Peregrine's RTR console. Peregrine allows you to batch run scripts on multiple endpoints, dramatically shortening time to execute your RTR commands.
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Gain insights on one or multiple endpoints through this easy to navigate desktop application.
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Quickly and easily access RTR commands available within CrowdStrike Falcon.
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Gain access to CrowdStrike Falcon's API with an easy to navigate GUI interface.

Who Benefits from Peregrine

From monitoring, to response to proactive security, Peregrine can help your CrowdStrike Falcon users to maximize their effectiveness and capabilities.
SOC Analyst

SOC Analyst

SOC analysts can use Peregrine to do research and gather information across multiple systems using scripts. Quickly finding the scope of an issue is paramount.

With Peregrine you can review processes, registry keys, and network information; extract malicious files and contain compromised systems to eliminate the threat to your environment.
Incident Responder

Incident Responder

Peregrine is the tool to help Incident Responders quickly review incidents and take decisive action across individual or multiple systems saving you time and making you even more effective.

With Peregrine, you can contain threats quickly, across multiple systems, and make changes to files, update registries, and remediate threats at scale.
Threat Hunters

Threat Hunter

Threat hunters can use Peregrine to proactively seek out threats and then evaluate those threats across multiple hosts.

Use Peregrine to create a purple team, that can both simulate and remediate threats on multiple systems to test and better understand an organization's security posture.

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The Peregrine Development Team is working hard to create, update and enhance Peregrine for use by security professionals across all platforms. Be sure to sign up for alerts for your favorite platform, and we will keep you in loop of all of the latest releases.

Guides and Documentation

*Peregrine is currently undergoing the Apple Marketplace approval process. Until this review is complete you will receive a notification that the program is unsigned.

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Make CrowdStrike more Accessible with Peregrine

Peregrine is capable of running single host and multi-host functions, making it easier to investigate, contain and remediate.
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Desktop Application best for use in secure environments.
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Batch run your scripts from your CS Library on multiple systems
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Easily Navigate File Systems and Registries for investigations
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Know which offline systems are still unaccounted for and know when they are back.
Bulk Containment
Bulk Containment to keep unaffected systems safe.
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Access in Peregrine matches user's access granted by CrowdStrike API key.

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